Food Addiction

Treating binge eating and food addiction symptoms with low-carbohydrate Ketogenic diets: a case series

Matthew Carmen, Debra Lynn Safer, Laura R. Saslow, Tro Kalayjian, Ashley E. Mason, Eric C. Westman and Shebani Sethi Dalai

Report on the feasibility of a low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet initiated by three patients
(age 54, 34, and 63) with obesity (average BMI 43.5 kg/m2) with comorbid binge eating and food addiction
symptoms. All patients tolerated following the ketogenic diet (macronutrient proportion 10% carbohydrate, 30%
protein, and 60% fat; at least 5040 kJ) for the prescribed period (e.g., 6–7 months) and none reported any major
adverse effects.

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