• Barbara Soffer

    Barbara S Testimonial

    The conference was well managed and it was obvious to everyone attending that it was a labor of love for you.  THANK YOU so much for everything you did to make it happen.
    I started Keto about 10 months ago and found myself fascinated with all the science to learn and all the lies to unlearn.  I'm a reader so I've read many of the books written by the speakers who attended.  What an incredible opportunity to talk to them in person.  I especially enjoyed brief conversations with Dr. Nasha Winters, Nina Teicholz and Gary Taubes, and Dr. Ken Berry.  What an amazing opportunity for me.  I listened to each and every speaker and only left the conference room for lunch and for a quick bathroom break.  I thought it was pretty cool that I would be standing on the microphone line to ask my simple questions while amazing people like Dr. Cywes, Dr. Lenzkes and others were also waiting their turns!
    I loved having the opportunity to meet with Dr. Ben's people.  I am hoping to set up a Skype or Zoom session with Jeff Kotterman to continue on at home.  I would have booked the whale watching thing, but I had already booked my nonrefundable flight when I saw that it was available.
    I loved the Keto dinners at the hotel!  I came to the conference alone and so having a place to have dinner with others was a wonderful thing for me.  I was thrilled with the quality of the food and with the selection as well.  Thank you for the efforts you went through to make that happen.  The outdoor location and the warm weather was perfect as well.  I also liked that the desserts were on a table accessible to people who wanted them, but not in your face for people who didn't want them. 
    When I spoke with you briefly at the conference I think I told you that I met Jess Dudley after you mentioned her when you were recording Dr. Cywes on youtube.  I then looked her up and we had many phone and email conversations and it was great to finally meet with her and talk in person.  I was blessed to have dinner with her and Joan Iflin on the last night of the event.  I enjoyed Jess's talk on starting groups.  One of the main reasons why I went to the conference was to learn as much as I could to support the people I will be helping when my first group starts on September 17.  So far I have 8 people coming.  These are all people (most of them are from my church) who have seen me drop 52 lbs and counting and want to know how to do it.  I see my journey as one of food addiction so I will be focusing on that area with these people.  When Dr. Cywes and you were talking at the end of one of the Diabetes Understood videos about why OA doesn't work (I was on that successfully for a long time before I fell) I realized that I would need to start a group to keep my own abstinence if I wanted to keep it over the long haul and I think it was kind of cool how one thing led to another and then God made it possible for me to come all the way from NJ to CA for the conference.  I have twin sons who are 19 and have autism and my life is very consumed by their care, so the fact that I made it out there was nothing short of miraculous.  
    Anyway, I just want to thank you again for everything you did and for the personal sacrifices you've made both with time and finances.
    I've purchased my ticket for next year (and hope that life will be calm enough then that I can actually go) and I hope to see you again.  Keep up the good work!  I'll be praying that you get the attendance you need to make it financially feasible for you to continue on.
    Thanks again.
    Barbara S

  • Before and after

    Debra Edwards Keto Testimonial

    On 1/16/17, age 63, I had a heart attack, due to 90% blockage of my LAD & 80% of my RCA. Four days later, I had open heart surgery and CABG x 2. After recovering, 6 months after my surgery, I began eating Ketogenic. (My son started Keto around the time of my heart attack and had lost 60 lbs in 2 months.) With my Cardiologist’s permission, but not his encouragement. I started out eating 20 grams of carb a day, eventually getting to 15 a day where I finally started losing weight. I have lost 25 lbs. (Yes, that’s way below average, but I’m post-menopausal! In May 2018 I had heart attack symptoms which required an angiogram.  It showed I was having a Cardiac Artery Spasm. But my Cardiologist was truly amazed by what he DIDN'T SEE in my angiogram! The 2 arteries that were blocked at the time of my heart surgery, and were life-threatening, were completely free of plaque! In fact, the mammary arteries, used as the bypass grafts, are narrowing because the RCA and LAD are pumping blood. He said he has seldom seen such a reversal, especially in the RCA! He even showed the films to my Heart Surgeon. He said I no longer have Cardiovascular Disease!! He attributed it to my Keto diet.

    He talked about sharing my study at Grand Rounds, but he said my case was confusing and he didn't know how to explain it. I tried explaining my Keto WOE, but he didn't want to discuss that. When he told me that his wife was Diabetic, he dismissed my further attempts to tell him about Keto reversing Diabetes. As I told him about Keto in ensuing office visits, he just got more dismissive. My last visit with him, he told me I was starving. I told him I eat every day and that I actually have 10 more lbs to lose, but he insisted I was starving. I finally got a new doctor.

    At my first visit with my new Cardiologist, I asked him about taking on a patient who eats KETO. He said he was low fat, & meds. I told him I was high fat and as few meds as possible! I asked if we would be having conflicts if I chose him to be my doctor. He said, "No, because I can't argue with success!" He has slowly dropped me from 3 HBP meds in April to the lowest mg of the mildest BP med yesterday. My BP averages 112/70!

    So, when I saw him yesterday he asked me about a migraine medication that was listed in my chart. I told him I only take that PRN, but I haven't needed it since I started eating KETO 2 years ago. His jaw literally dropped. Then I said, "What's even more unbelievable is that my Interstitial Cystitis is gone." Again, he was stunned. (It's an incurable bladder condition, the inside of the bladder gets hard, it gets painful and causes frequent urination. Some women even require new bladders!) I told him how I had endured 4 uncomfortable urological treatments a year for at least 7 years, before I started KETO. I haven't seen my urologist in 2 years! By then I had his interest, as his daughter might have IC. So he gladly took the flyer to the next LowCarbUSA conference and said it all sounded very interesting!

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