Founded in 2015, LowCarbUSA® is an organization focused on dietary education and support by hosting scientific conferences, providing online coaching, a comprehensive library of scientific papers supporting the way of eating and a world wide database of 'Low Carb Friendly' healthcare providers and nutritionists.  Learn more about Low Carb USA staff here and then navigate the rest of the website to learn everything you need to know about this Low Carb Lifestyle.

Doug Reynolds, Founder and CEO


By my early 30's, I had run almost a hundred marathons and ultras and could eat pretty much anything I liked.  As I approached 40, however, I noticed I was putting on a little weight each year and, no matter how hard I trained, I was not able to get the weight off again.  In the end I was constantly injured and hating running, and life itself.

When I was first introduced to the concept of the Ketogenic / Banting lifestyle, I could not believe that an athlete could function without carbohydrates.  However, I am an engineer at heart and I started reading all the research and I found it made total sense.  It explained all the issues I was having, including the things I struggled with back when I was running well.

So I decided to give it a go.  I had learned about the 'Keto-Flu' during my research so I was expecting that towards the end of the first week.  The adaptation seemed to last about 10 days and after that the results were spectacular.  My weight started coming down and running became easier and more enjoyable each day.

I am back down to the weight I was when I was 30, my recovery after training is better than it has ever been, my sore knees and other aches and pains have cleared up and I am no longer experiencing any respiratory issues.

I am now committed to helping to reverse the current consensus on diet here in the US and around the world.  The consequences of the governmental dietary policies introduced in 1977 have been catastrophic and it’s time we all took a stand!

Pam Devine, Co-Founder and Operations Manager

Pam Profile Pic

I turned 47 last Fall, and am super excited that I’ve found something that works to help me lose the weight that I’ve put on since turning 40 which, no matter what I did, I couldn’t lose.  I seemed to work out more than many of the people I encountered during my work day and was getting super frustrated with my failure to keep it under control.  I’ve also found peace of mind, feeling totally satiated and more focused than I’ve ever been!

I have a passion for helping people and have over 40 years’ experience in service-based environments including customer, employee, or marketing team support in either a healthcare diagnostic setting, hospital, doctors' office, retail, and the corporate arena.  I always find pleasure in making an experience easier, and more worthwhile.

I also have extensive experience with hosting events and overseeing the day to day operations of a large organization. Now I’ll be doing it for something I’m really passionate about too!

With our commitment to put on events to share all the latest research with our growing community and with our coaching program we will be able to ‘Turn Consensus On It’s Head!!  Won’t you join us and help make strides, one meal at a time, towards halting the catastrophic rise in obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other chronic diseases that we've seen since 1977.

Jess Dudley:  Contributing Blog Author

Jess Dudley began her lowcarb journey in 2014 for the 3rd time.
Keeping the weight off has always been her struggle.  This time she got involved with community early on and it's been the game changer.  She likes to say, "It's not the weight loss I like to talk about, it's what I did with the success! That's the bigger story."
She is the founder of "Find Your Food a collective of people helping each other through small groups.
Jess has been involved with over 150 small group meetings in the last 2 years. An active speaker at her gym, local hospital and small businesses Jess communicates hope and help that comes from the community story she carries.
Find Your Food hosts Online support groups,  Small groups, Retreats and workshops.  As an active blogger, Jess candidly shares the things she's learned on the journey at Find Your  "Blogging helps me share the story, the struggles and the hope I carry. If people know there is hope, they'll reach out again for help!  It's up to those of us with lowcarb success to simply share our stories and spread that hope! Community and forums are a great place to make that happen!"
"I'm really looking forward to linking arms with Doug and Pam as they seek to create more community opportunity.  This will be a game changer!"

Kristie Sullivan:  Contributing Blog Author

Kristie Sullivan began her low carb journey in 2013 after a lifetime struggle with obesity.  Because of her personal success, she began helping others learn how make a low carb diet a delicious lifestyle. She established a YouTube channel, Cooking Keto with Kristie, and published a collection of easy, everyday low carb recipes called, Journey to Health:  A Journey Worth Taking.  Kristie focuses on a clean eating approach to a very low carbohydrate diet. She also has a Facebook page called Simply Keto and a closed Facebook group, called “Low Carb Journey to Health (Cooking Keto with Kristie)”. Kristie is also part of the Diet Doctor team and writes weekly blog posts about making low carb high fat a long-term lifestyle.

Kristie lives in the beautiful Sandhills region of North Carolina with her family.  She holds a Ph.D. in Educational Research and Policy Analysis from North Carolina State University and works in higher education assessment, evaluation, research, and accreditation.

Nancy Scheuermann:  Contributing Blog Author

Wife, mom of two boys, artist and full-time dieter.  Nancy has always been athletic as a competitive tennis player, skier, swimmer and hiker.  Being 5’ 2” with a genetic pre-disposition towards diabetes, Nancy has always struggled with weight and blood sugar issues.  She has researched dieting and her extensive library of diet books shows her dedication to the subject.  With the pregnancy of her second son, gestational diabetes reared its ugly head and with it, huge weight gain.  The low-fat diet of the late 80’s did not work anymore and the weight did not budge, even after her 10lb son was born.  Finding that her thyroid was failing her and she would be on medicine for the rest of her life was a real low point in Nancy’s life. Extra weight, exhaustion and two little kids running around was a recipe for disaster.

This is when a very good friend put the book “Protein Power” by Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades in Nancy’s hands.  What was this new magic?  She consumed the book cover to cover and then read it a second and third time, dog-earring pages.  Nancy implemented this low-carb, high protein meal plan and for the first time in many years felt the power behind the diet.  Her energy came back, her weight normalized, and she was no longer afraid to leave the house without a purse-full of snacks.  Those awful and dreaded low sugar sweats and shakes no longer plagued her.  She had to share this information and purchased the book many times to give to family and friends.

Inspired by this new-found knowledge, Nancy has dedicated her time to studying nutrition and the biology behind low-carb and ketogenic diets.  A voracious reader, she added to her diet book collection with the works of Gary Taubes, Dr. Eric Westman, Dr. David Ludwig and Dr. Jason Fung among many, many others.  With more questions than answers, Nancy quizzed her scientist husband to get detailed explanations to the information that was exploding in front of her.  She began advising her family and friends with newsletters to answer their questions and confront their skepticism.  She reviewed books for them and held cooking classes to try out new meal ideas.

In 2016, Nancy attended the first Low-Carb San Diego Conference and found all of her heroes in one room.  Being able to hear them speak in front of a large group of like-minded low-carb practitioners was an experience like none other.  Being able to ask those lingering questions of these investigators added so much to the ever-expanding knowledge base that Nancy has on this subject.

Always questioning, always learning and never satisfied without answering “Why is this so?”, Nancy shares her blog with Low-Carb U.S.A.  She hopes that her uncomplicated writing style, sprinkled with humor, will answer questions that you may be having so that you, too, can gain the best health and longevity for your own life.

Ben Davis:  Contributing Blog Author

Ben Davis was in the army for six years with multiple combat deployments.  Prior to his time in the army, he played soccer professionally.  After he got out of the army, he went back to school and completed a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Kinesiology from Wayne State University.

His emphasis was in motor control and exercise physiology.  During that time, he worked in research and clinically with a wide variety of patients ranging from spinal cord and neuro injuries to post rehab orthopaedic and bariatric patients.

Additionally, he worked in sports performance, working with athletes of all ages, ranging from high school to professional; NFL, NBA, MLS, NHL, etc.  He also holds certifications from the NSCA, ACSM, NASM, CrossFit, USAW, TRX, as well as other organizations.

For the last five years, he has been working in engineering and consulting, in both the automotive and defence industries.  Mainly human factors and bio-engineering, but he has worked in other areas of engineering.  His area of expertise has been in integrated biometrics and usability/user-centred design.

Currently, he is trying to share his experiences with the ketogenic/low carb diet and hopes reach veterans to show that it can be used as a way of recovery from PTSD as well as pain management and in finding a better quality of life.  In an effort to bring a light to his efforts and share his journey, he is planning on running one ultra-marathon a month in 2018 using fat (low carb/no carb) as a fuel source.  He is a little concerned because his first race next week [Jan 2018], the weather is supposed to be in the single digits (Fahrenheit).

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