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Jess Dudley has always been adamant that the path to success for many people on this Low Carb Lifestyle journey lies in small groups and the sense of community that they breed.  She says’ “A community, at it’s best, inspires us and helps us build each other up!  We link arms and endeavour to understand each other!  Our common goal: learn, grow, heal and feel better!”

For her, a community is a place she can get involved. She found the more she stayed involved with others, the more she wanted to stay strong for others. She says, “We come from a place with food where we won’t do it for ourselves, but we will do it for someone else!”

She’s been involved in over 150 small groups in 2017-18.  She’s led or facilitated meetings online, in living rooms, coffee shops,  the local hospital, gym and even her church.  People do better when they are connected to each other.  A small group experience can keep us focused, provide inspiration, direction and give us a place to add value.

You can read more from her in her blog post here.


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