It’s been 4 yrs on a Low carb Ketogenic approach and I have to say without a doubt that being a part of a community has made all the difference in my journey with weight loss.

In the beginning, it was all about finding others who were eating the same way!  I saw a plethora of Keto groups on Facebook, even 4 years ago.  Immediately I noticed that each group had its own atmosphere, some were strict, others laid back.  Some counted macros others measure blood ketones.  Some groups were all about the food and recipes while others delve into the deeper waters of “why we eat.”

In a sense, there were more than enough groups to pick and choose from based on your personality, temperament and how you planned to tackle this way of eating.  Today you can find a community that suits you.  The opportunities to make connections that can really help you are as large as the number of keto groups on Facebook!

A community, at it’s best, inspires us and helps us build each other up!  We link arms and endeavour to understand each other!  Our common goal: learn, grow, heal and feel better!

For me, a community is a place I could get involved. I found the more I stayed involved with others, the more I wanted to stay strong for others. We come from a place with food where we won’t do it for ourselves, but we will do it for someone else!  Community also gave me a place to not only be a part of something bigger than myself, but to add value.  My story, my understanding and my success actually add value.  Yours will too.  Community needs your involvement and your story!

I’ve been involved in over 150 group meetings in 2017-18.  I’ve led or facilitated meetings online, in living rooms, coffee shops,  our local hospital, gym and even our church.  People do better when they are connected to each other.  A small group experience can keep us focused, provide inspiration, direction and give us a place to add value.

Community is #1 on my Keto tool belt.

[Jess Dudley:  Community Advocate]Jess Dudley - Community Game Changer

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