Feng Yuan Liu is a low carb dietitian in Australia who, after discovering that the restriction of carbohydrate solved her PCOS and endometriosis issues, started advocating it for her clients. Despite the threat of being struck off by her regulatory association, Yuan has found a way to sustain a thriving practice.  We managed to catch up with her in Melbourne as we returned form Tasmania where we had been doing some interviews with Gary and Belinda Fettke.

The typical path for a dietitian straight out of college was to go into the hospital system where she says she felt more like a rubber stamp than anything else.  Just hand a few pamphlets to the patient as they were leaving the hospital and that was it.  But Yuan felt like she wanted to do more than that and actually try to help people from landing up in the hospital in the first place.  She started creating her own private practice on the weekends and eventually transitioned into that full time.

She was still advocating the high carb, low fat diet that she had learned during her training but was not seeing any results and started to question the validity of some of what she had been taught.   She started experimenting on herself and by restricting carbohydrates and adding in some saturated fats, she was able to clear up her polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and  endometriosis which she had suffered from since she was a child.  She then was able to convince her husband to try it and he was able to get the inflammatory symptoms of the Chrohn’s Disease that he had been suffering from since childhood under control.   Based on this she started advocating an LCHF Diet for some of her clients and started having awesome results.

As Yuan started to develop her practice as a low carb dietitian The Dietitians Association of Australia, which is the regulatory body which accredits dietitians in Australia, has constantly bullied her and threatened her with being struck off.  She has now built up her business to the level that, if she were to lose that accreditation, her business would survive.  This provides hope to those dietitians who follow in her wake that they too can stand up and be counted.  If they choose not to tow the party line and rather advocate an anti-inflammatory, healthy, whole food diet that will keep their clients out of the hospital then there is a path to doing that.

[Doug Reynolds:  Founder – LowCarbUSA®]Doug Reynolds

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