Dr. Gary Fettke - No FructoseI (actually we, Pam and I) had the distinct privilege of spending this past weekend with ‘Mr. No Fructose’, Dr. Gary Fettke, and his wife Belinda at their home in Tasmania.  What an enlightening experience.  I managed to get enough content on camera for about 5 videos which we will release over the coming weeks.  We start off today with Gary’s personal story, a journey of survival from a tumour at the base of his brain.  We explore how the epiphany that resulted in his survival now strongly influences his patient care and translates to the incredible successes he is seeing in his practice.

Almost 20 years ago a tumour was discovered at the base of his brain and  over the course of 11 years he had surgery as well as ongoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy without success.  He says that, at the time, he was pre-diabetic, 23 kg (around 50 lbs) overweight and he had high blood pressure.  Then about seven years ago he heard about a report that Metformin (a drug for controlling the uptake of sugar for diabetics) had shown positive effects on the growth of cancerous tumours.  Since he was already taking about 15 hardcore drugs each day and not wanting to take any more, he started looking at the mechanism of the drug itself.  Since it controlled the uptake of sugar, he thought to himself, “why don’t I just stop eating sugar, and more specifically, fructose?”

And the rest is history!  Obviously it is a lot more complex than just fructose but that is where it started.  He adopted an LCHF Lifestyle and his tumour stopped growing and he took himself off chemo.  His weight also came off and his blood pressure normalised and he is no longer pre-diabetic.  He also was so blown away by the simple truth that we have all been shielded from that he started advocating it for his diabetic and obese patients with tremendous success.  This also got him into a lot of trouble which is the subject of the next video.  Quite a turn around for ‘the chocolate cake doc’ who says he would jokingly tell patients that he wouldn’t remove a cast unless they brought him a chocolate cake!

I highly encourage you to watch Gary’s story in the video below.  He is a wealth of information and he has a quiet and humble demeanor that belies an underlying fiery passion and unprecedented courage.

We hope to have him appear at our San Diego Event next July.

[Doug ReynoldsFounder – LowCarbUSA®]Doug Reynolds



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