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We caught up with our friend Andrew Berger again after almost a year.  Andrew suffers with Type 1 Diabetes and found himself with terrible blood glucose control, the onset of diabetic retinopathy and was about 75 lbs overweight.  We met him for the first time at the LowCarbUSA®– San Diego 2019 event.  At that point he had been on a keto diet for about 7 months and was down about 40 lbs and his blood sugar control was way better.  He met Dr. Ben Bocchicchio at the event and learned about the metabolic benefits of his ’15 minutes – Twice a Week’ workout philosophy.  So he started with that the next day and around about the same time started dabbling with the carnivore diet.  We saw him again about 6 weeks later and he had lost another 5 inches on his waist and he looked great.  We did a podcast interview with him at that stage (go check out Episode 15) and talked about all his successes.  Well, since then he has taken it to the next level.  He as introduced intermittent fasting, and even some extended fasts and the results have been spectacular.  He is looking amazing, his blood glucose control is the best it has ever been.  His glucose runs in the 80s to 90s most of the time and his A1c has come down to an astounding 4.9.  He is now off his insulin pump and is back to injecting himself with insulin.  He is down from about 100 units a day to numbers in the teens (and even down to just 3 units during his extended fasts).  He is experimenting with less powerful, slower acting (and cheaper) insulin options to try to get his life to a point where he is stable 24/7.  We are so excited to follow him on this journey.


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