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As a Type 1 Diabetic, Andrew Berger describes how he had reduced his use of insulin from 120 units to 26 by adopting a ketogenic diet as well as using a lot of weight.  Then, at our last LCUSA event,  he was introduced to Dr Ben’s 15 Minutes to Fitness exercise routine that activates many of the same metabolic pathways as the ketogenic diet.  As a result, if this simple 15 minute workout twice a week is used in conjunction with the ketogenic diet, it is hugely beneficial.  Andrew started with this right away and has enjoyed stunning results.  He is down about 12 more lbs in weight and 4 holes in his belt.  He is also down to 14 units of insulin a day with indications that he will need to reduce it further very shortly.

You can follow Andrew on Twitter at: @Type1Berger.


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