David and Jen Unwin Discuss Importance of Participating in LowCarbUSA 2021 Boca Conference January 15-17, 2021

Drs. David and Jen Unwin recently confirmed their plans to participate in the LowCarbUSA Boca Conference scheduled to take place January 15-17, 2021. This will be the first time either has participated in a LowCarbUSA conference, but it’s likely it won’t be the last.

“We love to spread the message of hope, to both practitioners and members of the public, by sharing what we have easily achieved,” said Dr. Jen Unwin. BSc, MSc, DPsy, FBPsS, a consultant clinical health psychologist, who lives in the UK with her husband.

“The more that we have an international view on this, the more that we band together, and the stronger we become,” said Dr. David Unwin, MD. “We know stuff here in the UK and I’m prepared to learn from you.”

“If I can get results in a 10-minute NHS appointment, with nearly no money and no funding, I think you can do it in America, maybe better,” said David Unwin. “It’s actually so very simple because it all boils down to sugar.”

David Unwin would like to help spread the word about the dangers of sugar and the opportunities that come with the low-carb lifestyle.

“Doctors have become obsessed with doing tests and then prescribing drugs, and I’ve discovered late in my career just what a shame that is,” he said. “The whole thing with type 2 diabetes… it’s actually obvious it’s about sugar.”

“Essential hypertension is even more common than type 2 diabetes,” he added. “I don’t think most doctors are aware how much lifestyle can make a difference to essential hypertension. I’d like to open up a new front of discussion around high blood pressure.”

David Unwin has received international acclaim for his popular Sugar Equivalent Infographics, which use the glycemic index of a wide variety of foods to help predict how these foods might affect blood glucose. This information is particularly useful for patients with type 2 diabetes and most, if not all, other metabolic conditions.

David Unwin’s Sugar Equivalent Infographics are published on the UK’s Public Health Collaboration (PHC) website. The PHC is a registered charity (No. 1171887) dedicated to informing and implementing healthy decisions for better public health.

The Sugar Equivalent Infographics were endorsed two years ago by the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and have reached hundreds of thousands of people.

This past August the NICE endorsement was withdrawn suddenly under a cloud of controversy, which you can read about here: NICE endorsement of ‘teaspoons of sugar’ infographics withdrawn as it ‘implies support for low carbohydrate diets’

Since then, more than 7,000 people have signed a petition to Reinstate Dr David Unwin’s sugar infographics as a NICE endorsed resource

“These infographics received a lot of publicity,” said David Unwin, “and as my work has become more popular, I’ve attracted critics”

The biggest-selling Sunday newspaper in the UK, The Mail on Sunday, is apparently one of those critics. A freedom of information (FOI) request filed by PHC to NICE uncovered the fact that The Mail on Sunday was responsible for a threatening email that caused NICE to withdraw its endorsement.

“The Mail on Sunday, for various reasons seems to dislike the low-carb approach,” said David Unwin. One can only wonder what influence advertisers may have had on the paper’s opposition to low-carb approaches.

The Unwins remain undeterred in their mission to reach as many people as possible with their message of hope and restored metabolic health.

“The Boca Conference is such a fantastic opportunity for people around the world,” said Dr. Jen Unwin. “Many of them cannot afford to travel, but there are so many people interested in low carb now.”

This is will be streamed live, as was the hugely successful San Diego that was held this past August.

The conference will address obesity and metabolic health with a focus diet and lifestyle. Every LowCarbUSA conference features a powerhouse lineup of expert speakers on the therapeutic benefits of carbohydrate restriction for metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, Type 2 Diabetes and many other chronic diseases. Other topics covered will include exercise, diabetes, heart health, mental health and food addiction.

UPDATE: Registrations for the 2021 Virtual Boca Conference recordings are still available. CME credits are also available for a small additional charge. Visit the 2021 Boca Conference Event page for more information.









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