Elie Jarrouge, MD, talks about his own inspiring health journey & his plans to attend upcoming Symposium for Metabolic Health

Dr. Elie Jarrouge is a board certified internal medicine doctor who followed the conventional medical advice of what a healthy lifestyle is supposed to be, yet ended up overweight, with high blood pressure and pre-diabetes.

“It wasn’t until I was willing to question everything I learned, and search for the truth, that I was able to reclaim my health,” said Jarrouge, who will be attending the Symposium for Metabolic Health in San Diego August 25-28.

Jarrouge recently spoke with The Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners about (The SMHP) his own inspiring health journey and how he is now helping patients and coaching clients use lifestyle to reverse obesity and metabolic disease.

Read the full article on The SMHP website.


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