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After being vegetarian for over eight years, Dr. Tony Hampton started doing some research and started to see more and more data showing that the Low Carb diet had better outcomes for diabetes, obesity and many other chronic diseases than the diet he had been following.  He says he learned more on YouTube than he did during his medical training.  He started trying it out himself and one of the first things he noticed was a distinct improvement in his mental clarity.

What is nice about his message is that it is not just about the nutrition but all the other lifestyle factors like sleep and stress and relationship issues, that contribute greatly to overall health.  What is exciting for me is that he is the first person of colour that I have come across in this space who passionate about getting this message out to his community.  I see great things in our future as we collaborate to reach other communities who we have not currently been able to reach.

I love his quote that he tries to tell everyone who will listen that there is an opportunity to heal, and it doesn’t come from medicine, it comes from nutrition and lifestyle.  Check out his book, ‘Fix Your Diet, Fix Your Diabetes: Your Dietary Solution to Reversing Diabetes‘.  You can also reach him here.


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