He’s known as Dr. Moe, and if you attend the upcoming Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners (The SMHP™) Symposium for Metabolic Health, August 25-28, in San Diego, you’re likely to see him, along with members of his family.

He’s been a fixture at these conferences since he first discovered our organization in 2016, shortly after LowCarbUSA® hosted the inaugural event in San Diego.

Maurice St. Martin is a primary care physician in Canada who, along with his daughter, Dr. Monique St. Martin, has applied much of what they’ve learned at the Symposiums to help patients in their practice – a group of 12 physicians in a family health organization with a patient roster of approximately 18,000 patients.

Read how Dr. Moe used therapeutic carbohydrate restriction (TCR) to sustainably lose 150 pounds and restore his health, while helping the members of his extended family, and learn why Dr. Moe is a big believer in SMHP Symposiums: Full article is on The SMHP website.


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