The pandemic has certainly left many of us spending a lot more of our time at home, but rather than complain about it, we’ve tried our best to put the time to good use. We received such good feedback from our recent do-it-yourself biltong recipe and video a couple of weeks ago, that we decided to see how we’d do preparing a tender, medium rare tri-tip roast using the reverse sear method in the oven.

Tri-tip is a triangular cut of beef from the bottom sirloin sub-primal cut, consisting of the tensor fasciae latae muscle. It has a rich beef flavor and tender texture, but a more favourable price than many comparable tasting steak cuts. Tri-tip is sometimes called a triangle roast or “California Cut”, but whatever you call it, it’s fairly straight forward to prepare, a great value, and makes for a mouth-watering, high protein, zero-carb meal.

The video is only about 20 minutes long, and shows the entire process from start to finish, including the reverse sear process and how to slice this unique cut of beef. Because of how the tensor fasciae latae muscle works, the tri-tip has grain that runs in two different directions. I show in the video how to change the direction of your cuts when slicing the cooked tri-tip.

The ingredients required for this delicious meal are minimal. The only things I used aside from the beef itself was salt and white peppercorns. The tri-tip is cooked in the oven until it is medium rare (you’ll need a meat thermometer to ensure it’s cooked to the perfect ‘doneness’, or second best is to do a weight vs time calculation). Then you’ll learn how to reverse sear the tri-tip for that browned-to-a-crisp exterior.

It’s super easy and once you master this cut of beef, you’ll be sure to add it to your regular lineup of dinner options.

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