Attendees of the 2021 Low Carb San Diego Conference this past August were treated to 20+ presentations from some of the most highly regarded practitioners, researchers and writers in the areas of metabolic health, addiction, and therapeutic carbohydrate restriction. 

But the four-day conference wasn’t entirely devoted to learning, as the attendees discovered with the low-carb wines available after each day’s scheduled presentations.

Presenters and attendees enthusiastically headed down the hall from the presentation venue, and gathered for happy hour before each night’s spectacular low-carb dinner. 

One of the highlights of each evening was the low-carb wines provided by Secco Wine Club, that were served both during the happy hour and again at dinner.

Many who adopt a low-carb way of eating mistakenly believe that wine is off limits, but Secco Wine Club helped clear up any confusion attendees may have had.

The 2021 Low Carb San Diego Conference featured four days of presentations by expert speakers, with time for socializing and low-carb wines from Secco Wine Club.

“Our presenters and attendees have come to expect delicious low-carb dinners at our events, and wines are a special added bonus,” said LowCarbUSA co-founder Pam Devine. “Secco Wine Club has really outdone themselves by sharing their new line of low-carb wines. Those who are new to therapeutic carbohydrate restriction are often surprised to learn great tasting and delicious low-carb wines are available, and the new varietals may just be what our community has been looking for. Can you say Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay?!”

All of Secco’s wines are made with no added sugar, no chemicals, gluten-free, (and none of the additives that are actually approved for commercial wines), and dry farmed, non-GMO grapes. Secco’s wines are keto, paleo, and low-carb friendly.

“As a Certified Sommelier, wine is an important part of my life, but I also follow a ketogenic lifestyle, so I choose my wines carefully,” said Gemma Kochis, vice president of Keto-Mojo. 

“It is important that wine is low in sugar and carbs, but equally important, that the wines have a good flavor profile and pair well with food. The fabulous thing about Secco wines is that they not only provide alcohol content, but also, sugar and carb count on a nutrition label. This is a game changer for anyone following the ketogenic lifestyle. Their wines taste good, are low in sugar and are farmed sustainably, without additives.”

The latest low-carb wines from Secco Wine Club

The low-carb wines featured in San Diego included five of Secco Wine Club’s newest selections, the result of skilled vintners who have been cultivating grapevines for generations. These included:

Merlot – Terre Siciliane IGTThis dark ruby red wine features a fruity aroma of blackberry and red currant with a hint of spice. Pairs nicely with grilled meats, roasts and tasty cheeses.

Chardonnay – Terre Siciliane IGTThis Chardonnay boasts an elegant, crisp flavor of pear and apple! Pairs nicely with a low-carb pasta, seafood salad, or white meats. It’s versatile, soft and delicate.

Cabernet – Sauvignon Terre Siciliane IGTA soft plummy red Cabernet with a distinctive bouquet of violet and black cherry. Pairs well with traditional or low-carb pasta dishes, grilled pork, or even a delicious stuffed meat roll.

Pinot Grigio – Terre Siciliane IGTA golden yellow white wine with a rich, fruity aroma of apple and pear, with a hint of citrus. This Pinot Grigio is clean, crisp, fresh and fruity! Pairs nicely with chicken or fish or can be enjoyed as an aperitif.

Pinot Noir – Terre Siciliane IGTThis dark ruby Pinot Noir is one of the most prized and well-known red grape varieties. It’s a full medium-bodied red with fruity aromas and a velvet finish. Pairs well with red and white meat or any of your favorite cheeses.

This latest selection of wines are created in Sicily, a crossroads of cultures and peoples. It’s considered the mother of world viticulture in many ways, and we’re thrilled with the final quality of these wines.

We’ve also learned about Secco Wine Club’s other fine low-carb wines, including the PALO61 selections, and the Alibea, Secco’s first low-ABV wine. 

PALO61 – “the world’s first wine with a nutrition label!”

Secco Wine Club owns and operates its own vineyard in Tuscany where they adhere to a strict dry farming practice. Secco owns the entire process from “grape to glass”, allowing them to maintain full control of the wine making process.


Because Secco controls the entire process, they are proud to be able to provide a nutrition label on all of their PALO61 wines. In fact, Secco’s PAL061 wines are  “the world’s first wine with a nutrition label!”

Toscano Rosso IGT No.07 This red wine is produced from Ciliegiolo (cee-lee-a-jo-low aka “cherry-grape”) grapes grown in the low-yielding vineyard of the Tenuta Santa Lucia on coastal Tuscany near Pisa. 

Toscana Bianco IGT No. 08 A spectacular white wine from “Il Guado” vineyard near Pisa, Secco’s winemakers were searching for (an obviously found) the fresh expression of the coastal Tuscan winemaking.

Toscana Rosato IGT No. 10 This rosé is produced with a selection of Sangiovese and Syrah grapes from the Pisan hills in Tuscany. Reminiscent of raspberries, this dry medium-bodied wine will delight your afternoon (or evening, as we learned in San Diego).

Alibea – the low alcohol wine with naturally lower caloriesAlibea is a  deliciously light & fruity red with only 11.06% ABV, making this SECCO’s first low-alcohol, low-carb wine.

Save on shipping 

LowCarbUSA is enthusiastic to share with our members an opportunity to purchase all Secco Wine Club’s wines with a special savings on shipping. Learn about all of their wines, get them delivered to your very own home, and use code LowCarbUSA to receive complimentary shipping when you order 3 bottles or more. You can order Secco Wine Club wines, with or without a membership. There is NO MEMBERSHIP required to enjoy Secco Wine Club wines.

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