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Sangeetha Aiyer, a certified Low carb Nutritionist focusing on Metabolic Health based in Mumbai, recently joined host Doug Reynolds on the LowCarbUSA® Podcast, sharing her inspiring journey and profound insights about metabolic health, sustainable fat loss, fitness and more.  In her 40s and a mother to a teenager, Sangeetha embodies the everyday struggles and triumphs of a working woman balancing family life. Her quest for health began with a common goal: weight loss. However, this objective soon evolved into a pursuit of optimal health and fitness, transcending the superficialities of mere physical appearance.  Her approach, ‘Rewrite Your Story,‘ is a testament to her belief in the power of personal transformation through informed choices in diet and fitness.

In the podcast, she discusses her personal health challenges, including battling PCOS and pre-diabetes. She candidly discusses the limitations of conventional advice and her transformative journey through the adoption of a low-carb, ketogenic lifestyle.   “I went from being pre-diabetic and overweight to reversing my PCOS and achieving my high school weight,” said Sangeetha. “It was not just about vanity but understanding that something deeper was happening with my health.”  She explained to Doug that finding a path to good health required her to challenge much of what she had been taught about health and nutrition.  “The ketogenic lifestyle was a complete overturn of what mainstream advice had told me. Embracing animal protein and saturated fat was crucial in my journey towards health,” she said.

She talked with Doug about the intricacies of tailoring nutrition plans for diverse dietary preferences, particularly focusing on Indian vegetarian diets. She emphasized the importance of restructuring the traditional food pyramid to suit individual needs. For pure vegetarians, she advocates a diet rich in dairy products, supplemented by whey protein, and a balanced intake of lentils, legumes, non-starchy vegetables, and low-carb fruits.  A significant challenge she addresses is catering to vegetarians who are also lactose intolerant. In such cases, she resorts to soy-based products like tofu and tempeh, despite her reservations about soy. She acknowledges the challenges in managing diets for individuals with specific health issues like gluten intolerance and advocates for personalized approaches based on one’s tolerance and metabolic markers.

Sangeetha stressed the importance of sharing transformative health stories and success cases, especially relating to Indian cuisine adapted to low-carb diets. “Sharing success stories and adaptations of Indian cuisine to low-carb diets is crucial. It’s not about eliminating carbs but changing your plate proportion to prioritize protein and healthy options.”  Her insights reflect a deep understanding of the complexities of dietary preferences and the importance of customizing nutrition plans. Her focus on education, adaptation, and gradual changes offers a realistic and inclusive approach to healthier eating habits.

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