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Dr Paul Mason presents a detailed explanation of how poor metabolic health is the major contributing factor with complications and fatalities as a result of Coronavirus.  He goes on to show how, just by changing their diet and cutting carbs and increasing saturated fat could start reducing the risks for those people almost immediately.

Dr. Mason is a Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician who also holds degrees in Physiotherapy and Occupational Health. He is a believer of the scientific process and is happy to challenge medical orthodoxy when it conflicts with the available evidence. He holds views on many topics including saturated fat and cholesterol, dietary fibre and sun exposure which contrast with those of conventional medical wisdom.

He has also authored a chapter on nutrition in an internationally recognised Sports Medicine Textbook (Clinical Sports Medicine, 5th edition, volume 2) and is involved in curriculum development and teaching within the Australasian College of Sports and Exercise Medicine. He regularly lectures on nutrition and health both nationally and internationally.

In his clinic, Dr Mason takes a holistic approach in managing complex medical conditions in patients ranging from the general public to Olympians. He was worked with several elite sporting teams previously and is currently a Doctor to the Australian Olympic rowing team.


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