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Paul Kolodzik, MD joins host Doug Reynolds on the LowCarbUSA® podcast to talk about his new book, The Continuous Glucose Monitor Revolution for Nondiabetics: Lose Weight, Look Great, and Live Longer with Continuous Glucose Monitoring.

Dr. Kolodzik is a double board-certified emergency and metabolic-health physician with 30 years of experience. During his 25 years in emergency medicine he treated victims of motor vehicle accidents, shootings and overdoses, but he was always astonished by the number of patients whose hospitalization was due to conditions related to vascular issues and obesity. He believes a large percentage of these conditions are preventable, but only if patients receive the necessary information and treatment in time.  “Preventative health can address the majority of disease,” he said, “and it often boils down to two things: blood sugars being too high, and being overweight.”

Five years ago, Dr. Kolodzik opened a private practice, Metabolic MD, based in Ohio, to help patients with preventative measures that can help them improve their metabolic health and achieve sustainable weight loss.  As a private-practice metabolic MD, he has used continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) to help thousands of patients lose weight and prevent and reverse disease. The success he’s seen with patients in his practice inspired him to write The Continuous Glucose Monitoring Revolution.

“The device (CGM) itself can be life changing,” he said. “After you eat that cake, and see the spike in blood glucose, you can never unsee it.”

He and his team are able to monitor patient data remotely and in real time. Just two weeks of data from a CGM can provide enough valuable information to develop a comprehensive plan that can lead patients to sustained weight loss and improved metabolic health, including improvements in a1C and lipid levels.

“Once a patient experiences using a CGM, they get a great sense about what is going on with their physiology,” he says “The data they see as a result of what they put in their mouth is amazing. A light bulb goes off in their head – they understand for the first time what’s going on with their body and why they’re overweight, and why diabetes runs in their family, and it provides them with the basis for intervention – people get religion real quick looking at this data.”

Dr. Kolodzik stressed that while CGMs have been used most often by diabetes patients who use insulin, the value to those who have not yet been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes can be enormous. He suggested patients look for a metabolic health provider with the expertise to guide them through the entire process. In the United States and many other countries, a prescription is required to obtain a CGM, so the provider can help with that as well.

Find a practitioner to support your quest for metabolic health.

Easiest place to find the book is on Amazon and it will be out on Audible any day now.

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