2022 Low Carb Boca Conference Features 15 Expert Presentations, Low Carb Wines and Dinners, Networking and Community Building

Last year’s Low Carb Boca Conference had to be held virtually due to the pandemic, so attendees, presenters, and sponsors were extremely enthusiastic for the 2022 Conference, held January 14-16 at the beautiful Marriott Boca Raton.

“As successful as our virtual events have been, we regretted not being able to get together in person for the Boca event last year,” said LowCarbUSA® co-founder and CEO Doug Reynolds. “After the incredible conference we had the last time we met in Boca (in 2020), everyone was very enthusiastic about this conference.”

The months of hard work putting together a powerhouse lineup of expert speakers paid off, and nearly 200 people showed up in Boca for another hugely successful LowCarbUSA® conference.

The conference was also available for online streaming, and several hundred attendees from across the world took advantage of that option.

The 2022 Low Carb Boca Conference featured 15 presentations from some of the most highly regarded practitioners, researchers and writers in the areas of metabolic health, addiction, and therapeutic carbohydrate restriction. Many of these speakers are experiencing significant success with patients, and many have powerful personal stories of their own journey to sustained weight loss and improved metabolic and mental health.

Attendees traveled to Boca from across the country and beyond, to hear these cutting-edge presentations, the ensuing Q&A sessions, and to interact with like-minded individuals between and following the presentations.

“This was my first in-person conference, and more than a week later I’m still smiling,” said Tia Reid, who traveled to Boca from Illinios. “I just feel blessed to have been there, around so many different healthcare professionals in different professions coming together for one vision, to improve metabolic health.”

Tia recently earned her accreditation as a Metabolic Health Practitioner (MHP) from the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners (SMHP). She works as Director of Nutritional Services at Memorial Hospital in Chester, Illinois, and she plans to use her training and accreditation as she coaches others in the areas of nutrition and metabolic health.

Tia’s own health journey includes sustainably losing 80 pounds and reversing her type 2 diabetes, non alcoholic fatty liver disease, and gout. She no longer needs a CPAP and has come off of more than 20 medications.

While at the conference, Tia had the opportunity to have an in-person meeting with one of her doctors, Rob Cywes, who she’d only met previously via Zoom appointments.

Dr. Cywes delivered a presentation about why those on the ketogenic diet sometimes develop protein-lipid resistance.

Tia also met another presenter, Pete Delannoy, PhD, who was one of her Nutrition Network classmates as they both pursued their SMHP accreditation together.
Dr. Delannoy’s presentation focused on gout, and while at the conference, Tia had the opportunity to tape an episode for his Dr. Pete’s Keto Klub YouTube channel.

“The conference was an amazing opportunity,” said Tia. “You can approach any of the presenters, and they talk to you, just like a regular person. It was just amazing.”

Expert Presentations by Practitioners and Researchers

The powerhouse lineup of speakers, and their presentation topics, included:

  • Robert Cywes, MD, PhD – The Keto Two-Step: All About Insulin
  • Tro Kalayjian, DO – HyperLipidemia: Examining the ACC/AHA Guidelines in Relation to Carbohydrate Restricted Approaches
  • Ben Bocchicchio, PhD, MHP – Insulin Resistance: The Critical Role of the Muscle System and Exercise
  • Dr. Mark Cucuzzella MD – Friendly Fire- A Practical Workshop on Creating a Low Carb Practice in Your Institution
  • L. Amber O’Hearn – Ketogenic Diets, Sleep, and Satiety
  • Ken Berry, MD – How to Predict Type 2 Diabetes 10 years Before it Happens
  • David Diamond, PhD – Does High Cholesterol on a Low Carbohydrate Diet Increase One’s Risk for Cardiovascular Disease?
  • Siobhan Huggins – Why Keto For Lipedema? Possible Mechanisms and Insights
  • Phillip Ovadia, MD – Managing Risk of Heart Disease: Metabolic Health Reigns Supreme
  • Michelle Hurn, RD, LD – Standard Anorexia Dogma (SAD) Isn’t Working. Let’s Think Differently
  • Arthur Agatston, MD – Illustrative Case Studies in Cardiac and Metabolic Disease
  • Brian Lenzkes, MD – When Big Brother is Actually a Good Thing!
  • Pete Delannoy, PhD – A Gout Hypothesis And A Plan For Remission
  • Vyvyane Loh, MD – Salt and Your Skin: Ethnic Differences in Salt-Sensitive Hypertension
  • Final Panel Discussion – featuring Dr. Ken Berry, Dr. Phillip Ovadia, Siobhan Huggins, Dr. Arthur Agatston, Amber O’hearn, Dr. MArk Cucazzella, and Dr. Ben Bocchicchio
The Final Panel Discussion at the 2022 Low Carb Boca Conference featured Dr. Ken Berry, Dr. Phillip Ovadia, Siobhan Huggins, Dr. Arthur Agatston, Amber O’hearn, Dr. MArk Cucazzella, and Dr. Ben Bocchicchio.

The conference was the 16th successful conference orchestrated by Doug Reynolds and Pam Devine, the co-founders of LowCarbUSA®.

“We were thrilled to have this opportunity to come together once again in person,” said LowCarbUSA co-founder Pam Devine. “We were enthusiastic to continue our mission of helping people acquire education in the area of therapeutic carbohydrate restriction and metabolic health, and to keep building this community where people can make connections and benefit from a shared vision.”

The conference provided an excellent opportunity for medical and allied healthcare professionals to learn from leading researchers and clinicians while obtaining Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Metabolic Health Education (CMHE) credits.

The conference also attracted keto nutrition enthusiasts, keto coaches, personal trainers, sports enthusiasts, citizen scientists, as well as individuals with an interest in restoring and/or maintaining their health.

Adding to both the excitement and the enjoyment of the Boca Conference were the engaging evening wine sampling receptions held on Friday and Saturday evenings. Attendees, presenters, and vendors had additional time to relax, sample the low-carb wines, and continue their conversations right up until it was time to head down the hall for spectacular low-carb dinners, which were included as part of the in-person registration.

Attendees were able to enjoy the food paired with low-carb wines, and sit late into the evening at tables along with their favorite speakers, exchanging stories, asking questions, and making new friends.

It is not too late to purchase the recordings for online viewing and reviewing at a later time (indefinitely). You can also still receive CME/CMHE credits. For more information or to purchase the recordings click here.


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