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Pam talks today with Karen Parrott.  She has been an awesome supporter of ours and has volunteered at almost all our San Diego events.  We learned about her amazing personal story and have been meaning to get her on the podcast for a long time.  So glad we have finally managed to do so.  Karen has struggled with her weight and binge eating since she can remember and was morbidly obese for much of her life.  She had turned to every conceivable diet, without success.  When she finally discovered the ketogenic diet she did have some success but kept slipping until she learned about the concept of carb addiction and learned how dealing with that addiction could help her so much.  She is now 8+ years into what she calls ‘Food Sober Living’ and has kept the weight off for that 8 years!

You can reach Karen @karenspaleolife on Instagram and @gardengirl_kp on twitter.

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