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J Gulinello moved to New York as an actor and musician and was moonlighting as a personal trainer to make money on the side.  He was not getting the results he wanted with his clients so he started researching nutrition himself and came across the ketogenic diet which he tried on himself.  He had amazing results but when he went to see his primary care doctor, the doctor would not believe that such changes were possible with a dietary intervention.  In fact, his exact quote was “Shoving bacon into your face could not possibly have this effect on your lipids.”  His HDL was the highest it had ever been and his triglycerides were as low as they had ever been but because his LDL was higher the doctor wanted to put him on a statin.  So he fired his doctor.

Then he heard about the LowCarbUSA® conference and signed up to attend the one in San Diego in 2017.  One of the vendors there was the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA) and so by the end of the conference he had signed up to do their nutrition course.  He has been able to apply this knowledge with his personal training clients and it has now led to his entrance into a clinical masters program in human nutrition and a job at a New York City hospital where he now has doctors and nurses in his care for nutrition. That is just EPIC.

Perpetual Health is the name of his business if you want to reach out to him for any reason.

email: [email protected]


Instagram: perpetualhealthco


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