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LowCarbUSA co-founders Doug Reynolds and Pam Devine interviewed Tracey McBeath, The Health & Healing Coach who lives in Melbourne, Australia. Tracey totally changed her lifestyle at age 40 after a fatty liver and prediabetes diagnosis. She went on to instill lifestyle changes with her husband, and her family, and that led her to want to continue learning, share, teach, and raise more awareness.

Tracey is now a Nutrition Network lecturer after studying and getting certified through the courses herself. (More info here if you want to also get certified and accredited too!)  She is also a qualified personal trainer,  the founder of the Low Carb Lifestyle Hub, and the author of the book, ‘You Have Today‘.

Tracey has now put on a couple of summits as well, and they discuss the upcoming Men’s Health Matters Series to be streamed through the Low Carb Lifestyle Hub on November 12, 19, & 20. (remember it’s Melbourne, AU time zone if you want to view on the day of!) The event is available for live streaming and recordings are available for purchase.

You can find  all her stuff on her website at:


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