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In this episode we talk with Dr. Moe St Martin about the journey back to health for him, his family and his patients.  His journey started about 15 years ago and he has enjoyed a weight loss of 140 lbs.  Now he successfully takes this intervention to his patients.  His entire family had an ongoing battle with obesity and so he brought them all to our first conference ever in San Diego in 2016. Actually, he brought the woman cause he says, “we live in a matriarchal society so I needed to get the moms on board”.  He feels the information helped them understand the problem and the ongoing interactions they have been able to have with some of the speakers has helped them with breakthroughs.

Dr Moe talks about how the information at the latest conference on carbohydrate addiction, especially from Dr Robert Cywes, was hugely helpful to them.  This year the entire family (14 of them) attended and the weight loss across the entire family is astounding, However, they all realise that they are in a constant battle with addiction and now they are starting to understand how they can effectively fight it.

We can’t wait to see them at the next conference and check in with their family’s progress.

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