Author Annette Bosworth, MD, to Deliver Presentation Entitled Why Average Glucose Matters Most

Annette Bosworth, MD, an internal medicine doctor and author of the popular book, Anyway You Can: A Beginner’s Guide to Ketones for Life, was recently added to the incredible lineup of speakers for the upcoming Symposium for Metabolic Health to be held in Boca, January 13-15, 2023.

In her debut book, Dr. Bosworth shares her discovery of the many health benefits of the ketogenic diet as she supplemented her mother’s chemotherapy with ketones.

Dr. Bosworth has since used the ketogenic diet to help patients combat chronic diseases including obesity, diabetes, PCOS, NAFLD, depression, addiction, heart disease, and autoimmune disorders.

In Boca, Dr. Bosworth will deliver a presentation entitled Why Average Glucose Matters Most. In the presentation, Bosworth plans to explain the importance of the Hemoglobin A1C test, which measures a person’s average blood sugar levels over the past three months.

“We have learned that one number, A1c, is extremely good at predicting your life expectancy,” said Bosworth. Higher average glucose levels lead to a long list of chronic diseases, she explained, and a ketogenic diet can be used to bring those glucose levels down.

Dr. Bosworth said her discovery of the benefits of the ketogenic diet caused her to rethink much of what she learned in medical school. “In today’s world, we’ve all relied too much on what the guidelines say, instead of opening our eyes and asking which of our patients are healthiest, and what are the behaviors and strategies we can be using to to create more of that?”

Dr. Bosworth explained that for most of us, the deck is stacked against us by the processed food industry.

“Food engineers have masterminded the chemistry for seeking max pleasure out of each bite, which then turns into more bites. It’s an advanced science on its own, and they’ve won the game. You can tell by the size of us.”

Dr. Bosworth praised the physicians who are at the forefront of the therapeutic carbohydrate reduction (TCR) movement, including Dr. Robert Cywes and Dr. Eric Westman, who are both also presenting at the Boca Symposium.

“This can be a dangerous place to step out into, and I praise God for people like Dr. Cywes and Dr. Westman. They’ve been a very important part of my journey. They are pillars of this community, and they are research and science based, and I can’t be thankful enough for these physicians.”

Dr. Bosworth said she believes there is tremendous value in the support and interaction that can be found at events like the Symposium for Metabolic Health. “There’s value in relationships,” she said. “There’s really a grassroots movement of people that are finding the path forward. And I think we may be close to a tipping point in our near future.”

In addition to the book about her mom, which has now sold 100,000 copies, Dr. Bosworth has authored another popular book, ketoCONTINUUM: Consistently Keto Diet For Life, which tells the story of David’s ketogenic journey from failing health to vibrancy.

Dr. Bosworth also has considerable experience treating patients who have addictions, so while she will not be presenting on that topic, she said she’s interested in the addiction component of the Symposium.

This year’s conference will also include a Bonus Clinical Workshop on carbohydrate addiction for practitioners who are able to arrive early – to be held on the afternoon of Thursday, January 12, in addition to the entire day that will be dedicated to the topic of carb addiction during the main presentations. Click here to learn more about the Clinical Workshop and the carbohydrate addiction aspects of the conference.

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