Rachel Gregory is a board-certified Nutrition Specialist, Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach. She received her Master’s Degree in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology from James Madison University and Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Miami.

Rachel has a vast knowledge on the science and application of the Ketogenic Diet for weight loss, performance, and overall health. She completed the first ever human clinical trial looking at the effects of the Ketogenic Diet in Crossfit athletes, which is published in the International Journal of Sports and Exercise Medicine. Rachel has presented her research at national conferences and works closely with many of the top ketogenic scientists in the world.

Rachel has worked with a variety of individuals throughout her career that include Division I collegiate athletes, WNBA stars, and some of the top bodybuilders in the world. She has a passion for educating those interested in optimizing their physical and mental wellbeing while improving long-term health goals.

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