Low Carb Diet for Diabetes

Gary Fettke, Belinda Fettke, Doug Reynolds and Pam Devine on the drawbridge at the Fettke home in Tasmania

We talked previously with Dr. Gary Fettke about his amazing success in advising a low carb diet for diabetes to help address their complications and avoid surgery and then we addressed the fallout he has experienced from providing this adviceNow we talk with his wife Belinda about the emotional toll this persecution has taken on him and their entire family.

She talks about the fact that first he discovered the benefits of the Low Carb Lifestyle in managing his brain tumor and his own health.  Then he started talking to patients about a low carb diet for diabetes and other health benefits.  Some of his patients started to take his advice and as this happened he started to see more and more impressive improvements in their diabetic complications and their general health.  She says she had never seen such an excited doctor because finally he was actually helping people to get well.

He had been experiencing some flak within the hospital environment for advocating this dietary change but he never expected to actually get reported.  When the first report to AHPRA came through he was gobsmacked.  It was like a slap in the face.  He was being disciplined for helping to heal his patients.  How was that even possible?

And then the bullying and intimidation at the hospital escalated as well.  His boss at the hospital was even posting on a social media hate page.  This resulted in great emotional stress for not only Gary and Belinda, but their children as well.

Listen to this interview, it’s scary what has been going on!  Please also visit Belinda’s site and help her to support Gary going forward.

[Doug ReynoldsFounder – LowCarbUSA®]Doug Reynolds

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