Providing Education Resources and Clinical Guidelines for Our Low Carb Community

We are growing and supporting an educational community by Publishing Clinical Guidelines for ‘The Prescription of Carbohydrate Restriction as a Therapeutic Intervention’ and hosting conferences featuring world renown speakers around the country to showcase the latest science and therapeutic success of restricting carbs. We are also very active on social media and we have put in place an extensive and growing list of research papers and articles. We have also introduced a searchable database of Low Carb Friendly Medical Practitioners and Dietitians who understand the general health and therapeutic benefits of this lifestyle.


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  • Ketogenic Wines

    Most conventional wines have a high sugar content and up to 76 additives approved by the FDA for wine making in the US. Now you can get access to wines from around the world that are lab tested to ensure they are sugar and additive free. Finally a prefect companion for anyone on a low carb or ketogenic diet.

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    We are a ground roots organisation and live events are not revenue generating instruments so, please, support us in this critical work by embracing our community. Any contribution towards making this effort sustainable would be greatly appreciated.

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  • CME Approved Online Training

    Check out this specially formulated training course especially for medical professionals with internationally recognised CME credits

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