Gary Fettke PersecutionIn this second video in the series we did with Dr. Gary Fettke at his home in Tasmania, we focus on the elephant in the room.  In the first part we heard the story of his miraculous survival from a brain tumor and how that translated to his patient care and the wonderful successes he has experienced with that.  Now we take a look at the fallout from the advice he has been giving to his patients and the ongoing persecution he has had to endure.  We talk about the orchestrated campaign by the head of the Dietitians Association of Australia (and the head of the very hospital he is doing so much good in) to silence him.  Since they are not able to challenge him on the scientific merit of what he is advocating they instead resort to intimidation, character assassination and an ongoing effort to damage his reputation and his career.

Just last night one of the premium Australian public television channels, ABC, aired a Four Corners documentary called ‘Tipping The Scales’.  It was focused mainly on the debate about the introduction of a tax on sugary drinks.  There were some saddeningly short clips in the documentary from an interview with Gary Fettke about the benefits he has experienced with his patients.  His advice to cut sugar and other refined carbohydrates and to ‘eat 2 eggs and a piece of cheese’ has had incredible results.

But, at the same time, it has landed him in hot water.  The program only touches on the constant threats and reports to AHPRA but we talk a lot more about it in our chat.  They also interview Philip Juffs who is the president of the DAA.  His answers about what Gary, as a doctor, has a right to talk about with regard to nutrition are nothing short of laughable.  He’s even left with a mouth full of teeth at one point when he has no answer to the question about why Gary shouldn’t talk about nutrition.  He finally comes back with, “it’s not that he can’t talk about it but it’s the scope of what he talks about.”  It’s beyond words that anyone finds him credible.

Next in line in this series is a chat with his wife Belinda about the impact this persecution has had on their lives.  We all owe Gary a great debt for his courage in making this stand.  Please visit Belinda’s site and help her to support Gary going forward.

[Doug ReynoldsFounder – LowCarbUSA®]Doug Reynolds

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