Indicating Support for the Clinical Guidelines

We are grateful for your interest in supporting The Clinical Guidelines For the Prescription of Carbohydrate Restriction as a Therapeutic Intervention. We encourage you to use the providers on this list to facilitate a team approach to this intervention.

Patient safety and support is of the highest importance. For practitioners who do not have prescribing/de-prescribing privileges, this means ensuring that all patients using therapeutic carbohydrate restriction are assisted in adjusting medications as needed by a professional trained in this process.

If you are a qualified healthcare professional, and you do not see your professional designation listed, please contact [email protected] and request that we consider adding it.

Read the 'Statement of Support' below. This statement can be found, together with the current list of supporters, at the end of the 'Clinical Guidelines for Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction'.  Then please complete the form below if you would like to have your name listed on the document.  Updates to the list on the document will be published frequently and at least once a month.

Statement of Support

We, the undersigned, hereby certify that we support the principles of care outlined in the Clinical Guidelines for Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction. By appending our names to this document, we acknowledge that there will continue to be differences of opinion on some matters under discussion in the Clinical Guidelines; however, we support this document as a collective statement of our commitment to 1) strengthening the standards of care within the community of clinicians and researchers who use therapeutic carbohydrate reduction in their work and  2) improving patient care and safety as we add to the knowledge base that informs us of the benefits and limitations of this intervention. We certify these Clinical Guidelines with the understanding that they will undergo annual review by a body of clinicians and researchers with expert knowledge and experience in therapeutic carbohydrate reduction.

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