Seventh-Day-Adventism encourages Medical Missionary Evangilism Up until a couple of months ago, when we paid a visit to Dr. Gary Fettke and his wife Belinda in Tasmania, our finger pointing at those to blame for the introduction of the catastrophic USDA dietary guidelines clearly singled out Ancel Keys and the McGovern Commission but we had never considered where they themselves got their ideas from.  What influenced them?  During her research to try to understand the driving force behind the relentless attacks on her husband, Dr. Gary Fettke, Belinda Fettke made the astounding discovery that it was, in fact, Seventh-Day-Adventism that was behind it all.

What’s even more incredible is that it is not some covert attempt to subliminally influence people to reject meat and saturated fats and adopt a vegetarian diet.  If you ask anyone high up in the  Adventism movement they will openly admit their beliefs about nutrition and their goals to influence the way the world eats in every way possible.  Dr. John Harvey Kellogg grew up in the Adventist church and started the cereal industry to promote bland food, believing that people should not eat meat and saturated fat as it had them succumbing to impure desires.  The American Dietetic Association (ADA) was co-founded by his protege, Lenna Cooper, in 1917 with a charter membership of 58.

The Seventh-day-Adventist Church, however, predated these health interests by more than 50 years.  The prophet of Seventh-day Adventism, Ellen G. White, received her first major health reform vision, June 6, 1863, in the home of Aaron Milliard, at Otsego, Michigan.  In this vision, for the first time, God’s people were urged to abstain from flesh food in general and from swine’s flesh in particular.  Ellen White’s instructions had been taken seriously, as exemplified in Dr. John Harvey Kellogg’s work and his teaching at the sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Incredibly, the Seventh-day Adventist Church have an overpowering influence over the establishment of dietary guidelines and dietary and medical education.   From the beginning they established the guidelines for the first dietetics association which has been duplicated around the world.  They wrote (and continue to write) numerous text books on the subject.  They have also written many nursing textbooks and produce a wide range of medical literature and they also own a great many hospitals.  They own 60+ publishing houses, 400+ TV stations and several hundred radio stations.  They are the second biggest educator after the Catholic Church.  They also own 24 food industries and they started the soy industry.

Take a listen to this great interview and if you want to follow Belinda down this intriguing rabbit hole you can start here with her blog post.

[Doug Reynolds:  Founder – LowCarbUSA®]Doug Reynolds

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