Gina Roberts

Gina Roberts

Biographical Info Gina Roberts is a Certified Nutrition Network Advisor, having completed the Professional Training in LCHF/Keto Nutrition and Treatment. She is currently studying and working toward becoming a Certified Nutrition Network Practitioner. Gina has over 4 years of personal experience with LCHF as a type 1 diabetic with Lupus SLE. She has been successful in achieving a normal pre-diabetic HbA1c for 4 years, lost 155 lbs and her Lupus is currently in remission thanks to a very low carb ketogenic diet.

Email Address [email protected]

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Phone 208

Area Of Expertise LCHF, Type 1 Diabetes, Weight Loss

Credentials MHP, NN Advisor

Category LCHF Coach

Education Nutrition Network

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