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Vyvyane Loh is a board certified internal medicine and obesity doctor who started out in obesity practice and found herself taking patients off medications which was very different from what she had been taught in her training.  She feels she was very lucky to get exposed to  it early.  Down the road she measured her own A1c levels and found them to be high, around 6.4.  Her doctor looked at her and seeing that she was not overweight, told her she could not explain it and told her not to worry about it.

That really bugged her so she started digging into it more.  Then her friend encouraged her to start the Atkins diet with her and she decided to try it.  Literally 2 days after she started all her symptoms she had previously attributed to irritable bowl syndrome disappeared.  She was flabbergasted and could not understand how she had not known about this and why she and her colleagues were not telling their patients about it.

She has reversed her own diabetes trend and is now committed to taking this to her patients and also in helping to reach the more impoverished communities who aren’t exposed to this information as easily.


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