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William Schumacher found when he adopted a keto diet that he was like me and did not miss bread at all but what he did miss was really good crunchy chips (or crisps as they are called in various other regions).  Uprising Foods is on a mission to rebuild and reformulate the staple categories of food that are so fundamental to many, if not most, people’s perception of core foods. They set out to develop something that was made from quality clean ingredients and vey low in carbs that had a high nutritional value and did not compromise on taste.  Turns out they actually started with bread  because they wanted to address the product that most people found psychologically hardest to give up.  They call it their “Sour Dough” cube.  It’s inspired by the sour dough concept but made predominantly from nuts and seeds.  Now you can make French Toast and grilled cheese and all the things you were used to pre-low carb lifestyle.  More importantly the rest of the family who are maybe not low carb with you (yet) can enjoy it just as much.

Then came the chips (crisps) which was nearest and dearest to his heart.  He really missed that crunch!  This sensation of crunch that so many people really desire. It took them a year to come up with something that delivered the crunch they were looking for.

You can find out everything you need to know about getting these super foods in your home by visiting their website here.


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