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LowCarbUSA®  co-founders Doug Reynolds and Pam Devine recently interviewed Tia Reid, who used a low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) way of eating to overcome type 2 diabetes, NAFLD, hypertension, obesity, GERD, gout, sleep apnea, and more. Tia sustainably lost 85 pounds and came off 20 medications she no longer needed, after finding Dr. Robert Cywes, MD, PhD, who advised her to end her “love affair with carbs.”

“I really did think I was going to die,” said Tia, “but low-carb, high-fat nutrition healed my body. Type 2 diabetes doesn’t have to be chronic and progressive.”

Tia works as Director of Nutritional Services at a local critical access hospital, and she has been able to incorporate low-carb/keto foods into the food options offered to staff at the hospital.

Tia has earned her SMHP Metabolic Health Practitioner (MHP) accreditation, as well as certifications focused in LCHF/Keto Nutrition, Diabetes Reversal and Food Addiction, and she is SUGAR Certified and licensed through Bitten Addiction so she can pay it forward and help others.

Doug and Pam talked with Tia about the upcoming Symposium for Metabolic Health to be held in Boca Raton, Florida, January 13-15. The event will also include a Bonus Clinical Workshop on Carbohydrate Addiction for practitioners who are able to arrive early – to be held on the afternoon of Thursday, January 12, in addition to an entire day dedicated to the topic of carb addiction during the main presentations.

During their conversation, Doug, Pam and Tia referenced an 11-chapter series of videos featuring Dr. Cywes. The series is titled Diabetes Understood, and is available for free on the LowCarbUSA® website.

You can connect with Tia using the following links:

Instagram – @ReidTia
Twitter – @Tia_Foodqueen
Facebook – Tia Birchler Reid
LinkedIn – Tia Reid, CDM, CFPP, MHP


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