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Today we talk to Dr. Adele Hite about her herculean effort to co-ordinate the compilation of the document outlining Clinical Guidelines for Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction for us.  Once we established the panel of advisers she set about creating the draft of the document and then bouncing it off the panel over and over until we were happy that we had it to the point where it could be published.  This is a massive step towards establishing the Standard of Care for the prescription of Carbohydrate Reduction as a Therapeutic Intervention.  That has been our main focus since about April 2018 and this document is a brilliant starting point for the conversations that will eventually lead to a consensus and an SoC for practitioners using this lifestyle intervention in their practice.

What’s more exciting is that we have been approached by numerous people to translate it into several different languages.  At this time we have published the Clinical Guidelines for Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction in German and Portuguese and Spanish, French, Dutch and Indonesian are close behind.  We envisage translation into many other languages in the future.

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