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At our last in-person event in Boca Raton in January 2020, Tekla did a great presentation on food labels and all the ways she felt they came up short, not only in terms of content but also on what foods had labels on them.  For instance, why shouldn’t we see labels on apples and bananas.  Maybe not on each one but at least at the display in the grocery store.  If people saw how much sugar was in these fruits they might reconsider eating them.  And that’s another thing I didn’t know and that is that food labels don’t always show the amount of sugar in an item other then the added sugar.  So orange juice, for instance, often comes with a label showing zero grams of sugar as there is no added sugar. But we all know how frighteningly high OJ is in naturally occurring sugar and as we also all know, sugar is sugar, naturally occurring or not.

She also feels the labels should highlight the quality of protein.  Just showing grams of protein is not enough, we need to know the makeup of the protein and what essential versus non-essential amino acids are in there.  That is critical.

If you want to contact here about the project or just learn more about the project and how food labels could be better, you can find her on her website.


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