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An engaging conversation with Jeff Roslund and Ryan Boudreau, the innovative minds behind Dapper Barons, a company at the forefront of crafting near sugar-free liqueurs and zero-sugar ready-to-drink cocktails. In a culture where sugar consumption is a growing concern, especially among those following ketogenic and low-carb diets, Jeff and Ryan shared their journey and passion for revolutionizing the cocktail industry.

Jeff explained the genesis of their idea, “We’re the first company to create near sugar-free liqueurs, as well as zero-sugar ready-to-drink cocktails. We knew if we could pull the sugar out of these liqueurs, you could go back to making cocktails the way they’re meant to taste.”

Their conversation covered the nuances of alcohol’s impact on the body, particularly in relation to a ketogenic lifestyle.  Jeff clarified a common misconception about the sugar content in spirits. He noted, “All of these products like vodka, gin, tequila, whiskey, are sugar and carbohydrate-free. When you start to get into the flavored spirits, that’s where brands are starting to reintroduce sugars.” This distinction is crucial for those striving to make healthier choices without giving up on enjoying a drink occasionally.

The conversation touched on the often overlooked aspect of calorie content in alcohol which Ryan stated was normally around 80 to 90 calories per ounce, depending on the base spirit.  It emphasizes the point that even if a product is sugar free there are often still calories associated with it which we need to be aware of.

One of the most striking moments of the discussion came when Jeff presented a visual comparison to illustrate the sugar content found in typical liqueurs, comparing it to the sugar in a Hershey’s candy bar. “So, you know, you’re looking at about 300 grams [of sugar in a bottle of Kahlua]. That’s the level that we’re talking about.” This vivid imagery serves as a stark reminder of the hidden sugars in many popular beverages and the necessity of transparency in labeling, a challenge the alcohol industry continues to face.

You can find out more about getting some to try out on their website and click on the ‘Where To Buy’ menu option.

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