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The other day, Tim Noakes tweeted the following: “Third truly iconic book in low-carb literature. All written by investigative journalists who’ve done as much for promoting low-carb science as anyone: ‘Good Calories Bad Calories’ by Gary Taubes; ‘Big Fat Surprise’ by Nina Teicholz and now ‘Ravenous’ by Sam Apple. We’re blessed!”  Praise doesn’t come much higher than that.

This is a fascinating journey where he explores how the life and work of Otto Warburg is intricately woven into the story of the Nazis and Adolf Hitler and how different things might have been with regard to our understanding of the prevention and treatment of cancer had things panned out differently for Warburg.

You can find ‘Ravenous’ in book stores, and on Kindle and Audible.  You can learn more about Sam Apple on his website and catch him on twitter:  @sam_apple1

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