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In a compelling LowCarbUSA® podcast interview with host Doug Reynolds, Dr. Roshani Sanghani shares her multifaceted approach to managing a wide range of health conditions, including type 2 diabetes, thyroid issues, hormone imbalances, weight management, and other metabolic health conditions.

An American board-certified endocrinologist, Dr. Sanghani brings 15 years of clinical experience to the table, alongside her own personal journey as a patient of hypothyroidism and pre-diabetes. This personal touch allows her a deep understanding of the struggles many patients face, including medication’s side effects and escalating doses. Her philosophy? The true “magic pill” is lifestyle change.  Her medical journey is as layered as her approach to healthcare. She grew up between Chicago and Mumbai, completing her medical training in both cities. Her career took a transformative turn when she encountered a type 2 diabetes patient with a dangerously high HbA1c level who refused insulin.

“In a patient compliance model, the doctor holds the power and tells the patient what to do,” she told Doug. “I’ve worked to flip that to a patient empowerment model, where my knowledge as a doctor can empower the patient to decide what they want to do for themselves.”  To bolster her approach, Dr. Sanghani became a certified diabetes educator in the U.S., subsequently launching culturally relevant diabetes education classes in Mumbai. “I want to help you make lifestyle changes to reduce your medication,” she emphasized.

One of her key strategies is addressing the nutritional imbalances many patients face, particularly in India, where vegetarianism is culturally prevalent. “One of the biggest challenges we have is protein deficiency,” she noted. To tackle this and other chronic conditions more effectively, she shifted from “one-off” doctor visits to a model of ongoing, three-to-six-month coaching programs.

She also calls attention to broader challenges in healthcare, particularly in India, criticizing a traditional, reactive model that is ill-suited for lifestyle-induced chronic diseases.  While discussing the evolving attitudes toward a lifestyle-based approach to healthcare, she admitted her own evolving perspective. “I’ve sat across from patients probably until 2014, till my eyes opened. I used to convince patients they needed insulin therapy for progressive type 2 diabetes because I just didn’t know better.”  She is forthright about the complexities of behavior change, calling it a piece that’s often missing in healthcare. “Behavior change is extremely complex.  So I took The SMHP™ training to be part of this community and am also working aggressively on coaching techniques.”

In summary, this interview provides a captivating look at a patient-centered, lifestyle-focused approach to healthcare. It presents a compelling case for a paradigm shift—one that empowers patients rather than merely prescribing to them. This podcast is a must-listen for those interested in sustainable healthcare solutions that tackle root causes instead of solely treating symptoms.

You can find her on Instagram @roshanisanghani and through her website.


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