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At the super successful Boca 2020 event we had a moment where Dr. Robert Cywes was at the Q&A mic and made a blanket comment that protein just turns to sugar. Dr Goldkamp voiced his disagreement with that but the Q&A session did not allow the time for either to elaborate further on the issue.  I decided to take a chance and get the two of them on at the same time and discuss the issue further.  Both of them were extremely respectful and a brilliant discussion ensued.

This is one of the best episodes we’ve done so far.  Sorry it ran so long, but I couldn’t cut it short,  The discussion had to play out.

Dr Cywes referred to a couple of slides so here they are here:


You Can find more on Dr Cywes here.

If you want to get hold of DR Goldkamp you can look him up in our list of providers.  Use the zipcode 28560 to search for him.

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