Remove Controlling FoodJess Dudley successfully lost 85 lbs on the ketogenic diet but found that she would slip.  Until, that is, she was able to remove controlling food from her life. After that she took control back and now teaches others how to do it. More than that her main focus is to coach people on creating and growing their own groups.

That weight loss attracted a lot of attention and as a response she’s been telling her story and helping others since.  She’s a personal trainer and assistant manager in a local thriving gym.  The gym has connections to local churches and their large hospital system and out of this community she’s been able to start small groups that provide support for the weight loss journey.

She is the Founder of ‘Find Your Food’.  They are a team of people committed to providing community, content and coaching for those on the weight loss journey.  The focus is to remove controlling food while implementing a low carb, whole food approach.  In 2017 she led over 100 small groups that repeatedly met in the gym, local hospital, various homes, after school in classrooms, restaurants and online.  They meet people where they are and offer hope and help to get back to healthier days through their stories and experiences.

In the interview below we hear her story and her passion to teach others how to help others.  It struck me that this was quite unique.  I constantly come across people who enjoy such staggering results when adopting the ketogenic lifestyle that they wish they could teach others about it but don’t really know how to go about it.  Jess now fills that gap.  She will have a breakout session at our our San Diego Event in 2018.  Come and meet her!

[Doug Reynolds:  Founder – LowCarbUSA®]Doug Reynolds


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