When I first met Carole Freeman I saw a bubbly, motivated nutritionist who was teaching her clients how to address, and even reverse, their health and Chronic Disease Problems through the adoption of a Well Formulated Ketogenic Diet.

Pam and I have come to know Carole well and have learned that her passion not only runs a whole lot deeper than we originally thought but is also driven by a Profound Personal Story of survival and recovery.

It all started with a motor vehicle accident that left her with a Brain Injury and Crush Injuries to her legs.  Instead of healing over time, however, she actually got worse and, without any solution in sight from her physicians, she remained disabled and unable to work.  Then, miraculously, she came across the Ketogenic Diet (which is basically a stricter version of the Low Carb Diet).  Within a very short time she started healing and was able to work again.

During her time off work she found she needed to turn to the Food Banks in order to be able to eat and now that she has found the Ketogenic Diet and seen it’s immense power of healing and amazing benefit to health she feels she wants to start a movement to make Low Carb Foods available as an option to those people who are unfortunate enough to have no other choice.

Below is a very inspiring Facebook Live video she did when she threw her initial challenge out there.  She briefly tells her story and then challenges people in different cities to get involved and see if they can get more Low Carb Food donated than any other city.   If you you are in San Diego then go to our LowCarbUSA® website or our Low Carb USA Community Facebook group and get hold of us to find out what we are doing.  We are still in the process of formulating an action plan to beat Carole’s Seattle group.

If you are in any other city, get some of your friends together and see if you can beat us.  Either way, please go to the Low Carb Food Drive Challenge event that Carole has created with a menu with ideas of non-perishable foods you can donate!  Comment and support this event on social media and use the hashtags #KetoFoodDrive and #LowCarbFoodDrive so it starts trending.

[Doug Reynolds:  Founder – LowCarbUSA®]

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