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This was such a good chat!!  Michelle Hurn was a Registered Dietitian working in a hospital setting and trying to get ready to qualify for the Olympic Marathon team.  As she started to increase her training everything started to shut down.  She was breaking out in cold sweats and developing severe muscle pains and it got to a point where she couldn’t even run 2 or 3 miles.  Eventually she came to the conclusion that she just couldn’t run anymore which was devastating for her.  Then she came across the ketogenic diet and as she started researching it she learned how much evidence there was showing the efficacy of reducing carbohydrate intake in treating diabetes and, even more surprising to her, in improving mental health.  She read more and more anecdotes of people feeing infinitely better after adopting the diet. After further research she actually decided to try out a pure carnivore diet for a month to see what happened.  Not only did she start to feel better almost immediately, she noticed that the chronic anxiety she had faced her whole life disappeared.

This made her really angry at the healthcare system that had not taught her any of this as a dietitian.  She decided to spend any time she had writing about it and trying to teach people about it.  She was so frustrated that she was not able to tell people in her work setting about it and so eventually she decided she needed to get out of that environment and establish herself in a position where she could help people. Her book is called The Dietitian’s Dilemma and is a great read.


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