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Martha Tettenborn is a Registered Dietitian and a Health Coach who was going through life quite ‘smug with her health’ as she puts it until one day she found an unexpected large lump in her abdomen and was diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian cancer.  It had ruptured and so she required surgery and then 6 rounds of chemo to take care of any cancer cells that might be floating around and seed new tumours.

The thought of the side effects of chemotherapy  terrified her so she started searching for what she could do and she learned that the use of fasting might help to mitigate the side effects of the treatment.  To describe it simply, she says that fasting makes your heathy cells go quiet and the cancer cells can’t downregulate and become stressed so the chemo drugs seek them out and leave your healthy cells, which are in ‘Stealth Mode’, alone for the most part.  So the side effects are drastically reduced and the treatment itself may also be more effective.

Martha is not able to function as an RD outside of her home state but she has developed what she calls a Cancer Doula role where she is able to provide support and comfort for anyone going through treatment.  She has written a ‘Keto Fasting Protocol’ which is available for free on her website

She has also just published the book, ‘Hacking Chemo‘ – getting through chemo with a keto diet, targeted therapeutic fasting and a kick ass attitude.


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