Addressing Chronic Pain with the Ketogenic DietAbout 17 years ago, Tyler Ritchey was hit by a car doing 80 miles/hour.  He lost his left leg and has had over 90 surgeries since then. Now he talks about how he is using LCHF for chronic pain.  The Ketogenic Diet has given him relief after 17 years of suffering.

He was on the side of the road in Mexico after his car had broken down and when the car hit him and he flew about 300 ft through the air.  He was on life support for 3 days and in a coma for a few days more and when he woke up he had already been through fifteen major surgeries, including the amputation of his left leg below the knee.

In the years since he has had around ninety more procedures.  These include joint replacements, back surgeries to rods and plates and some less invasive procedures.  He met the love of his life and married her and now has four beautiful children.  He also got his masters and works in the field of prosthetics and artificial limbs.  But as the years went by the excruciating pain he had to deal with daily got worse.  Finally, about a year and a half ago he decided he had to do something.  Ne needed to continue to function as a good husband and father and be able to continue at work.

He read every book he could get his hands on about his condition.  These included books on anti inflammatory diets and every other diet ever written about.  The one that jumped out at him was the ketogenic diet.  It talked, crucially, about the inflammation reducing effects of this lifestyle.  So he decided if there was ANY chance that it could  help him deal with the chronic pain then he HAD to try it.

He had his CRP levels tested again recently and it has gone from two point something a year and a half ago (as he puts it) to a negligible 0.2 recently.  Does he still have to deal with pain?  “Absolutely,” he says, but the level of pain is way lower and now easily manageable.  “I got my life back!“, he says.

Look out for Tyler at upcoming LowCarbUSA® events as we plan to get him in sessions to discuss his experiences and how he is helping others manage their pain through this amazing lifestyle.  You can find similar stories about the anti-inflammatory benefits of the ketogenic diet if you follow the Ben Davis Journey in our blog.

[Doug Reynolds:  Founder – LowCarbUSA®]


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