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Tune in for a compelling episode of the LowCarbUSA podcast featuring guest Dr. Laura Buchanan, a board-certified family medicine physician who graduated valedictorian from the University of Florida College of Medicine. Dr. Buchanan recently completed her family medicine residency at Wake Forest in 2022 and now collaborates with Dr. Tro Kalayjian at Dr. Tro’s Medical Weight Loss and Direct Primary Care. Both serve on the board of directors at the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners (The SMHP™).

In this episode, host Doug Reynolds and Dr. Buchanan explore the intriguing intersections of longevity, metabolic health, lifestyle changes, and chronic disease management. she offers her unique perspective on lifestyle modification as a first-line standard of care, emphasizing her dual role as a physician: promoting prevention and practicing medicine.

This conversation provides invaluable insights into the real-world effectiveness and scientific underpinnings of low-carbohydrate lifestyles.

Dr. Buchanan shares critical insights based on her clinical and research experience, stating, “The standard dietary advice has failed us. It’s time for a shift in the paradigm.” She highlights the transformative outcomes she has witnessed in her patients, adding, “When people understand the ‘why’ behind nutritional changes, their adherence and success skyrocket.” Reynolds complements this perspective by saying, “I’ve seen countless lives changed, including my own, by just understanding the right way to eat.”

Dr. Buchanan discusses the advancements and contributions of the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners in the field of evidence-based medicine. She highlights the focus on type 1 diabetes in the upcoming 2024 Boca Symposium for Metabolic Health and the organization’s efforts to secure ACCME accreditation, which will make it easier for other conferences to earn credits and attract more attendees.

Additionally, she talks about the forthcoming Journal of Metabolic Health, aimed at expediting the dissemination of new research in the areas of ketosis and carbohydrate reduction. She mentions mentoring programs designed to guide people through the process of submitting research papers and case studies.

She also reflects on her experiences and frustrations in conventional medicine settings, particularly the resistance to low-carb interventions and dietary advice. She underscores the lack of data supporting conventional beliefs that low-carb or ketogenic diets are harmful, pointing out their efficacy in treating conditions like eating disorders and metabolic diseases.

Laura notes a growing interest in metabolic health within the medical community, suggesting that change is happening, albeit slowly. She is also developing a new four-week course focused on diabetes to educate the public about the disease’s prevalence and dangers, viewing these educational programs as essential steps toward combating widespread issues like diabetes and insulin resistance.


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