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Dr Kristin Baier is a family medicine physician who recently became board certified in obesity medicine as well.  Back about ten years ago she was diagnosed with Lupus and was experiencing all the usual symptoms.  She started focusing on a nutritional solution since she did not want to remain on medications and steroids for the rest of her life.  The first book she read suggested going vegan to solve auto immune problems and she decided to give it a try.  Needless to say, after five years her symptoms had not improved and she picked up more issues along the way, including anxiety, depression, an iron deficiency and a B12 deficiency.

At that point she heard of Robb Wolf and ended up transitioning to the Paleo diet which helped a lot.  Her symptoms of depression and anxiety etc. all improved but she still felt things could be better and she noticed her migraines seemed to be occurring more frequently.  Finally she came across the ketogenic diet and after adopting a strict version of it (less than 20g of carbs per day) her migraines ceased and all her autoimmune issues disappeared.

Now she is offering this nutritional intervention to her patients and is in the process of moving to San Diego to start a new direct primary care practice with Dr. Brian Lenzkes.  The website is still under construction but people can go to and submit a patient application.  There will also be a way on the site shortly to schedule an online consultation.  Kristin can be found at: @doctoringketo  on Instagram and Twitter.


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