Dorian Greenow from Keto Mojo talks about this cheap Ketone Test StripsI finally got a chance to chat to Dorian Greenow from Keto Mojo about his passion for driving down the price of Ketone Test Strips.  The prices of his FDA Approved Blood Test Strips for measuring Ketone Levels and Glucose Levels are unbeatable.  I had to understand where his drive comes from that has him working so hard to bring an affordable Ketone Test Meter to everyone.

Turns out that it is much like a lot of us.  An epic personal experience leads to a conviction to help others benefit from a lifestyle that has changed his life.  In his case, he says he was never any good at tracking his macros.  Instead he was using blood ketone testing to determine if he was doing it right.  “If I was in ketosis then I knew I was doing it right”, he says.

Ketone Test Meter from Keto Mojo

But at a cost of over $4 each for ketone test strips, that becomes prohibitively expensive in a hurry.  So he set about trying to understand why they were so expensive and how he could bring  the price down.  So far he has got the price down to under $1 per strip and as his volume increases he hopes to drive it down way further than that.

He also has some exciting projects on the go to link the monitor to personal and practitioner devices via Bluetooth and then to shrink the size of the meter down substantially so it is super portable.  Then we got onto the subject of his efforts to get a home based insulin testing device to market.  I’m really looking forward to that day!

I can’t say enough about Dorian as a person either.  You might have been following our series about Ben Davis, an army vet who is running an ultra-marathon each month this year to highlight for other veterans the life changing benefits he has experienced with a ketogenic lifestyle.  Anyway, his ketone test meter was stolen and when I mentioned it to Dorian he stepped right up and sent Ben a new meter as well as a bunch of new ketone test strips.  You can catch Dorian and his amazing team at any of the LowCarbUSA® events or check out his stuff online here.

[Doug Reynolds:  Founder – LowCarbUSA®]Doug Reynolds

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