Ketone Breathe MeasurementPeople are always looking for a simple way to test their ketones.  Now LEVL has a new ketone breath monitor that allows you to test your ketones with a comfortable breath.

Why would someone choose to measure ketosis using exhaled breath (acetone) instead of urine (acetoacetate) or beta-hydroxybutyrate (BOHB) in the blood?

Breath is easy to sample and doesn’t require collection cups or a needle puncture for sampling.  Additionally, breath doesn’t require the privacy of urine or sample preparation required for blood.  Breath acetone analysis results in numerical values for chemical concentration like blood BOHB analysis.  These values give a clearer indication of ketosis relative to the semi-quantitative color result provided by analysis of urine using strips. Like blood analysis, ketone breath measurement gives an immediate assessment of ketosis. Results from a urine sample represent an average level of ketosis between urine samples. All three – urine, blood, and breath – are affected by biologic factors such as dehydration, acid-base status, breathing pattern, etc.  “Due to our understanding of how acetone enters the lung from the surrounding body, the biologic factors affecting breath acetone measurement can be minimized,” said LEVL clinical scientist, Joe Anderson, PhD.

Measuring elevated ketone bodies via breath sampling on the LEVL device is easy, and quantitativKetone Breath Measurementse. When synced with the LEVL iOS or Android app, you can calculate, monitor and track your level of ketosis.  The counter top device is designed such that up to two users can take unlimited measurements from the comfort of home.

You can come and check them out in person at any of our LowCarbUSA® events and they have been kind enough to offer any of our followers a $25 discount if you use the code ‘lcusa‘ when purchasing a device.

[Doug Reynolds:  Founder – LowCarbUSA®]Doug Reynolds

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