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We sat down to talk to Janae Cywes, wife of Dr, Robert Cywes, about her pregnancy and the fact that she has been, and plans to remain, on a strict ketogenic diet throughout.  In fact Janae and Rob are basically carnivore now.  They had been trying for the longest time to get pregnant and then about a year and a half ago they went carnivore and, out the blue she suddenly fell pregnant, totally unexpectedly.

She says that for a short while in the early stages of the pregnancy, even the sight of red meat turned her stomach but she was still able to eat poultry and pork and fish so she ate a lot of that and did and the odd salad.  She mentioned that they plan to raise a keto baby as well and our conversation went on to talk a lot about ADHD, Autism and Keto for Kids which is the title of a interview I did with her husband Dr. Cywes, which is on our YouTube channel as well.  We discussed what our childhoods were like, what emotional management strategies our parents equipped us with and how we felt it affected who we are today.

We plan to revisit with Janae after the baby is born to hear how raising it as a keto baby is going.


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